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Month: October, 2009

Wine & Roses

Today has been one of those cold, wet days where winter is trying to bully out autumn and summer is a distant memory. While I love fall and nothing satisfies me like a bale of bronze oak branches and a mound of grey heirloom pumpkins, I have been missing heat, sunshine and summer’s abundant blooms. In […]

Broad Strokes

A couple of weeks ago on my aforementioned trip to Paris, I had the good fortune of visiting Giverny, the house and garden of the painter Claude Monet. For whatever reasons, his paintings have never been high on my “love list”, but the guy had a garden, so what the hell – that bumps him […]

The Double Gray Doors

“LMD. The flower studio between First and A. The double gray doors. The sign is really small.” This is part of a conversation one us has on a daily basis when placing a food order delivery, explaining our location to a messenger service or directing a fashion intern who is dropping off a hand-written gift […]

Have Merci

Who would have thought that I would be blogging? I have never been able to keep a journal. It is a warm and misty idea that to date has not worked for me. My hand would get a cramp and then it would be over. My handwriting, starting out perfect, by the end of the […]